Get Tickets For Adele’s Concert Tour Now!

The worlds most popular musician is going on tour in 2016. The world-famous Adele is finally going to be back on the road after a very long break from world tours. She just released her record-breaking smash hit album 25, and she will now be going on her third world tour to perform all of these great new songs live in front of the fans.

The lucky fans over in Europe who are going to get the first Adele shows! The very first performance is going to take place on February 29th over in northern Ireland in a city called Belfast. She will then play many more shows all over Europe. She will finally be going on the second leg of her tour which is going to include North America starting in July. The last show will be happening in Mexico City at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico on November 15th.

Right now she is planning to perform a total of 105 shows that spans many different countries all over the world. The news about her life concerts hasn’t even been out that long. She only recently put out the news back on November 26th of 2015. The tickets have only been on sale for a couple of months. December 4th was the first day that fans could purchase seats. The problem is that lots of venues got sold out extremely quickly and lots of fans were left holding an empty bag.

Adele has done her best to ease the fans suffering and went on to add more dates in many larger cities so that fans have a better chance to see her concert in person. For most venues the tickets were completely sold out in one or two minutes. Take for instance the SSE Hydro arena over in Glasgow. This venue can hold 13,000 people, and every single ticket was gone in just two minutes. There were sometimes more than 60,000 fans waiting in queue to get seats to the show, and there were only may be a quarter of that amount of seats available. That’s just how popular this singer is with the people.

The dates for her North American shows have only been available for purchase since December 14th 2015. She is going to play six shows that many of the larger American cities. These include the shows in New York at the Madison Square Garden and also showplace six shows at the Staples Center. The demand for her live shows is so high that she’s got to play some arenas six nights in a row! Even with a huge amount of shows in one city, a lot of fans still weren’t able to get tickets if you can believe that!

Is not going to be easy for this star this time around. Not only does she have a very demanding scheduled to keep for this year’s life concerts, she is also going to be bringing her one and only son on the road with her. Each of these duties separately is already tough enough, but it looks like Adele has the guts to do both at once. She will also have to be separated from her boyfriend for most of the time as he has his own life to attend to. This is definitely going to be a trying time in the singer’s life and wish her the best of luck as she lights up fans lives with her amazing singing performances.